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Run. Give. Thrive.



Arizona Honors 10K Run/Walk


Come join us for this fun (and fast) 10K event, celebrating active service members and veterens. Be a part of the downtown Phoenix route, but without all the traffic; run the "key" to the city with us.


We are donating to Wounded Warrior Project.


Participate with us in red, white, blue, khaki, or camo colors!


Come help us enjoy the Spring outdoors, honor those who help and have helped us protect and preserve this great country, and celebrate what is right with America. Who do you know, who is or was involved with the military?


Whether you are looking to improve your PR, run your first race, walk with friends and family, see old friends, or just be a part of the festivities, come on down!


Parking around the event. Late registration, festivities begin at   8 AM, run at 9. Come back to our website from time to time.


Invite 5!

Invite five friends, family members, or co-workers to join you. 


Donating to: Wounded Warrior Project



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